Flexible LED Strip Lighting, 12V DC (Input Voltage) , 4.8 Watts / 0.4 Amps / 60 Diodes (Per Meter) , 3 Diodes per Cut Point, 3.5mm x 2.8mm Chip, Fully Dimmable Function with Optional Dimmer Controller, 120 Degree Wide Viewing Angle, 5 Meters Length (16’4”) x 8mm Width x 4.25mm Height (Per Reel), Fully Waterproof to (IP68) Rating = (WP3), Shock and Vibration Proof, Heavy Duty Applications, One Year Full Warranty, Color Emitted: Pure Blue
Detailed Specifications
Voltage 12V
Wattage 4.8W
Type LED Strip Lighting
Color Temp (Kelvin) 465~470 (nm)
Lumens 180 (Per Meter)
Length 5m
Width 8mm
Height 4.25mm
Color Emitted Pure Blue
Is It Dimmable? Yes
Current 0.4A
Features 60 Diodes per Meter

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