LED Magnetic Strips – Installation, 2ft. & 4ft. LED Magnetic Kits

2ft. and 4ft. Kits are now in stock ready to ship. – http://normanlamps.com/LEDs/led-strip-lighting
Ultra bright LED magnetic strip lighting can be mounted to virtually any magnetic surface allowing for the ultimate in universal lighting applications. Available kits include 2 x 2 ft. strips, and 2 x 4 ft. strips. Both kits include a magnetic mounted driver and wiring harness for plug-and-play installation. The 2 ft. LED strips allow for mounting in existing 2 x 2 fluorescent fixtures side by side or 2 in a row to equal 4 ft. settings. Similarly the 4 ft. LED strips are used to replace both 4 ft. fluorescent tubes and 8 ft. fluorescent fixtures when mounted 2 in a row. Finally an LED replacement for the old 8 ft. T12-T8 tubes with an 80% reduction in wattage and nearly 5 times the rated life hours.

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Norman Lamps – YouTube Channel Preview

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New 20 watt and 26 watt, Compact Germicidal UV Bulbs In Stock


Available today, the new 20 watt and 26 watt Germicidal UV Bulbs compliment the existing 15 watt lamp. Both lamps emit short-wave ultraviolet light of which sterilize any organic material. Applications range from surface, water, and air sterilization.  The combination of their compact size, self contained ballast, and standard E26 household screw base allow for a multitude of uses from air duct sterilization to custom sterilization applications of laboratories.



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