Elevator Cabin LEDs

Discover the exceptional performance and convenience of our LED elevator lamps, specifically designed to enhance the illumination and ambiance within elevator cabins. These energy-efficient, long-lasting lamps provide a significant upgrade over traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting solutions, delivering superior light quality and reducing maintenance requirements. Our LED elevator lamps are the perfect choice for building owners, facility managers, and elevator service companies seeking to improve the lighting experience for passengers while simultaneously lowering energy consumption and costs.

The benefits of using LED lighting in elevators are numerous, starting with their remarkable energy efficiency. LED elevator lamps consume far less energy than their incandescent or fluorescent counterparts, resulting in lower electricity bills and a smaller environmental footprint. Additionally, these lamps offer an extended lifespan, which means fewer replacements and reduced maintenance costs over time. As a result, building owners and managers can focus on other aspects of elevator maintenance, ultimately improving the overall user experience. LED elevator lamps also provide superior light quality, with a wide range of color temperature options available to create the desired ambiance within the elevator cabin. Moreover, their instant-on capability and resistance to frequent on-off cycles make them well-suited to the demanding conditions of elevator use.

By choosing our LED elevator lamps, customers are making a smart investment in a lighting solution that not only improves the overall aesthetics and user experience but also promotes energy efficiency and sustainability. Enhance the ambiance, safety, and reliability of your elevator cabins with our top-of-the-line LED elevator lamps, and elevate your passengers' experience to new heights.

LED-GBF-WHITE  Elevator Cabin LED

LED-GBF-WHITE Elevator Cabin LED

Voltage: 12V, Wattage: 3W, Type: GBF LED, Color Temp: 3000K (warm white), Lumens: 390, Replaces: 20W..




Voltage: 12V, Wattage: 3W, Type: 1383 LED, Color Temp: 3000K (warm white), Lumens: 240, Replaces: 13..


LED-GBF-4K  Elevator Cabin LED

LED-GBF-4K Elevator Cabin LED

Voltage: 12V, Wattage: 3W, Type: GBF LED, Color Temp: 4000K (cool white), Lumens: 390, Replaces: 20W..

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