A-Type LEDs

In tribute to the classic (A) shape light bulbs of the last century, modern A-Type LEDs continue the same overall shape and dimension. It is often asked, "Is the design necessary when paired with LEDs?" LED lamps do not use a vacuum like their incandescent counterparts; so why make them in this arbitrary shape? There are a few appropriate answers. The most common being; the (A) bulb shape is efficient at uniformly distributing both the heat and light output. Low heat and near omnidirectional output are important principals in modern LED lamps. Other answers include the ease in retrofitting to existing incandescent lamp fixtures and the general public's familiarity with the classic A-Type light bulb shape. The modern A-Type LED comes with a few more features up its sleeve. Starting with near 10 x efficacy in light output and rated life hours compared to incandescent lamps. Another unique feature are the multiple color temperatures to choose from: available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K5000K, and 6500K 

LED-A19DD9W-5K Dusk-to-Dawn 5000K

LED-A19DD9W-5K Dusk-to-Dawn 5000K

Voltage: 120V, Wattage: 9W, Type: A19 Light Bulb, Lumens: 800, Replaces: 60W A19 Incandescent Bulb, ..


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