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Voltage: 120-277V, Wattage: 9W, Type: LED T8 Hybrid Tube, Color Temp (Kelvin): 4000K, Lumens: 1000, Replaces: 20W, T8 Fluorescent Tube, Certifications: UL, ETL, Length: 24.0 in., Diameter: 1.00 in., Base Type: G-13 (Bi-Pin), Average Life Hours: 50,000, Case Quantity: Order 20 for a full case, Color Emitted: Cool White, Is It Dimmable? No, Viewing Angle: 240 Degree. Ballast compatible and direct voltage compatible. Dual mode internal driver automatically adapts to either ballasted or direct voltage formats. Compatible with any existing electronic ballast for quick and easy, plug and play installation. Operates on direct voltage input where ballast bypass is the desired format. Direct voltage input range anywhere from 120VAC - 277VAC. Licensed under U.S. Patent No. 8,729,809 -

No DLC listing for this item.

Note: See ballast compatibility list.
If using with ballast make sure to replace any broken or worn out sockets.
It's possible that certain applications or lighting systems may not be suitable or work correctly with ballast even though ballast is on the approved list.
In which case we recommend to direct wire the part.

Note: LED T8 tubes are comprised of electronic components and may not be suitable for all environmental conditions.  Especially those with conditions which have extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity levels which can cause condensation.
Detailed Specifications
Voltage 120-277V
Wattage 9W
Type LED T8 Hybrid Tube
Color Temp (Kelvin) 4000K
Lumens 1000
Replaces 20W T8 Fluorescent Tube
Certifications UL, ETL,
Length 24.0 in.
Diameter 1.00 in.
Base Type G-13 (Bi-Pin)
Average Life Hours 50,000
Case Quantity Order 20 for a full case
Color Emitted Cool White
Is It Dimmable? No
Viewing Angle 240 Degree
Features Ballast & Direct Input Compatible

LED-T89W-2FT-4K Cool-White Hybrid

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